Boondoggle 2000

    Six scientists associated with Space Environment Corporation were invited to enjoy the wonders of Yellowstone National Park.  They left around noon on February 24, 2000 for the three day trip.  The participants of the 5th annual Snowmobile Boondoggle were:

The snowmobile adventure in West Yellowstone, Montana was given high marks by all. To participate in future trips you must be obsequiously kind to Bob Schunk during 2000.  So start today and ask Bob Schunk for an application to participate in the Sixth Annual SEC Boondoggle!


From left to right: Bob, Dave, Rod, Jan, Vince.  [Photo by John Raitt].  This is the first day in Yellowstone National Park.


From left to right: Dave, Jan, sign, Bob, Vince, Rod, fire hydrant.  [Photo by John Raitt]  The daring crew sledded from West Yellowstone to Mammoth Hot Springs on the second day. They were trying to go to Old Faithful. This does not count as 'getting lost', because (in Jan's words) "we knew where we were when we got there."


From left to right:  Dave, Rod, Bob, Vince, Jan. [Photo by John Raitt]  On the way back from Mammoth Hot Springs Vince and Jan discovered that they were driving the same snowmobile. As they return to get Jan's mobile Vince commented, "I thought you were driving too close."


From left to right: Rod, Dave, Bob, perfect Manhattan, John, Jan (in front with two wine glasses), Vince.  [Photo by Joe from Wisconsin]  Cheery smiles shared by many.  Vince and Bob had fun later in the evening.  Notice the ruler on the table...a reminder to the wives that real work was done during the trip.  Also notice that the Manhattan is 'way perfect' for John.