Chairman of the Board: Vince Wickwar

Vince Wickwar is said to be the Chairman of the Board at Space Environment Corporation. No one at the corporate offices admits to having ever seen Vince Wickwar, but they still lovingly refer to him as 'The Big VW'. Oft repeated second-hand stories from the night cleaning crew have developed into a canon of apocalyptic tales in which VW battles with many corporate demons. One popular legend told around the watercooler portrays the blessed VW as saving Space Environment Corporation from financial collapse the evening before 1996 fiscal year-end. Apparently, VW's ghostly figure was seen emptying pocket change into the office petty cash envelope.

Please write to the email address below if you have:

(1) correspondence for Vince Wickwar,
(2) ever seen Vince Wickwar, or
(3) have heard of someone seeing Vince Wickwar.

Fanciful stories are presently being compiled.


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