Couple thermosphere Ionosphere Electrodynamics Forecast Model

The Coupled Ionospheric-thermosphere-Electrodyanmics Forecast Model (CItEFM) was created for the Air Force Research Laboratory (Hanscom AFB) to be used as a Space Weather forecast model. The CItEFM model is a physics-based model of the ionosphere from 90 km to 1600 km and provides the following plasma parameters: [e], [H+], [O+], [NO+], [O2+], Te, & Ti, plasma velocity, neutral wind, etc.. These results are compared against available data from satelite-based and ground-based observations. For more information about the CItEFM model, please contact Dr. Vince Eccles.

The CItEFM is currently being run at SEC to produce an ionosphere specifications every 15 minutes. The ionosphere specifications are being compared against satellite-based and ground-based observations.

Result summaries are provided for your entertainment.

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